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Michael J. Kelly (MJK) Insurance Application Page.

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Instructions for Obtaining the General Purpose Insurance Application.

The General Purpose Insurance Application is available in two forms:

  1. One choice is a Microsoft Word file. To use this method you must have a version of Word which is compatible with Microsoft Word 2000 or a third-party program which handles such a file. If you have either of these properly installed on your computer clicking on the link below should do one of two things depending on your browser. The first possibility is that the file and Word will open in the browser window. You may then print it immediately or save the file and print it later. The second possiblity is that you will be asked if you want to OPEN or SAVE the file. If you choose to OPEN it the file will be opened in Microsoft Word where you can print it immediately. If you choose SAVE you may open it in Word and print it later.
  2. The other choice is a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. In order to read and print this file you must have either Adobe Acrobat Reader or the full Adobe Acrobat Program or some third-party program that can read, display and print PDF files. Acrobat may be obtained from Adobe's web site at The Reader is free. When you have a program properly installed on your computer click on the proper link below. This should cause one of two things to happen depending on your browser or the third-party program. The file will either be loaded into your web browser in a window or else the program itself will be opened with the file loaded. The first time you do this you may be told that the browser cannot load the file until it fixes a problem. Tell it to do so and the file will be loaded. In either case you may print the file immediately or you may save the file and open it into the program later for printing.

NOTE: It is impossible to be familiar with all third-party programs which you might be trying to use here. You're on your own if it does not work as described above.


  1. Method 1 - The Microsoft Word Document.
  2. Method 2 - The PDF File.

When you finish printing or saving the file you may use your browser's BACK button or equivalent to return here. You may then browse the rest of the site. If you haven't already visited the area perhaps the MJK button above and to your left would be a nice place to go.

This Web Site is presented to you by the

Michael J. Kelly Insurance Agency (MJK).

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We provide Security and TeleCommunications Insurance products to most areas nationwide.

Michael J. Kelly Insurance Agency (MJK) may be contacted in several different ways.

  • Toll Free Telephone: 800-329-5355.
  • Local Telephone: 805-682-0113.
  • FAX: 805-569-8864.
  • E-mail:
  • Address:
         1174 Palomino Road,
         Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

Webmaster: Michael J. Kelly.
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